Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Work in Progress

This month I have seen some real progress on a project in Hampstead, with a cracking team of builders, working with a very creative architect, and best, a great client, a home is coming together and will be a great place to live. A warm, comfortable house, a kitchen for good cooking, a well lighted place and very important energy efficient.

Progress photos, to me they look fabulous:

The new door to the garden, but leaving the original shutters

The view across to the stairs, not yet installed. A thought to have a panel of glass to have a view through to the stairs.

The steel beams holding up the building after removal of load bearing wall.

The downstairs where we drew on the floor the placement of bathrooms, closet, bedrooms. It was fun and brought back the experience of drawing houses in the sand on the beach as a kid. But this was no tropical climate, the build site was freezing.

An exciting project that has been progressing all winter, in a few weeks after the first fix of electrics and plumbing, the kitchen and bathrooms will be installed.... to be updated....

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