Monday, 28 March 2011

Armani Casa

The cotton, linen and silks are from the recent collection of fabrics from Armani Casa, these beautiful fabrics are on their sofas and chairs from their new location.

Armani Casa has moved its showroom from Bond Street to the design centre at Chelsea Harbour. My first impression on entering the new location was like entering a Tardis, it felt small then opened up to 305 square meters of space. However it is not a spaceship but a showroom of seamless elegance, divided into rooms; living, dining and bedrooms.

Each room has illuminated walls of polycarbonate which sets off the furniture. And the furniture has the clean, straight lines of the tasteful Armani style. Although lines are straight there is some undulation on the arms of the sofas or the back of a headboard adding an extra touch of elegance. The scale and proportions are classic which give the furniture a pleasing and timeless quality.

I had also learned the brand has branched into kitchens and bathrooms making it possible to design the whole house, apartment, flat or a building, if you want to have a continuous distinctive look for projects.

The materials used for all their accessories from lighting to dishes to furniture is Murano glass, porcelaine, solid woods, marble and fabrics of silks or blends of cotton and silk. Although known very much for quiet neutrals of taupe, gray, greige, that is not beige, not gray and accents of rich mahogany or charcoal, I was pleased to see the introduction of color in orange and a very pretty dusky blue.

A selection of fabrics that would be so beautiful in a bedroom, quiet, restrained, unfussy elegance.

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