Friday, 13 July 2012

Table Lamps

One of the most essential items for a living room or bedroom is the table lamp. No need to be elaborate, lovely if it is blown glass, can be a piece of sculpture in wood, decorated with silver leaf or painted and distressed, in bronze it can be edgy. Whatever, it is one of the most essential items in a room, whatever your budget. It is so much nicer to sit next to your loved one on the sofa with a wash of light from the side, shaded through silk or card.


  1. Indeed. Table lamps has always been a part of any American home. Its value does not come from the light it gives but from the beauty it adds to any interior design project.

    1. Hello Lamp Lady,

      Table lamps are one of the essentials, a room is not complete without one.

      all the best, Kelly