Monday, 16 July 2012

And More Progess

Over the weekend I had more progress on the renovations to my flat. The floor was taken up in the hallway new lime washed oak floor boards installed. But on the way to moving shelving and books a corner that was covered over with insulation decades ago was removed and what was behind it was awful; layers of old wall paper and black mold growing, yuk! My flooring project was diverted, out came the bucket of bleach and rubber gloves and got to scraping and scrubbing down the corner. Then gave it a coat of white paint. 

I understand the need for insulation, conserving energy and all that, but in an old building it often creates more problems and damages the fabric of the structure. There is a wholistic movement to renovations.  Anyway, step by step, and room by room, I am striping back to the bones of the building, exposing the concrete walls, striping and cleaning the woodwork back to the old layer of lead paint and making a clean well lighted place.

This was the corner covered in insulation, exposed and then cleaned and painted.

The new white oak flooring... the old laminate. Still have to scrape and paint the base boards / skirting, but the hall looks wider and much lighter.

 Still much to do, but loving the changes. You know, like so many, I love the industrial chic look, the images of great looking furniture and accessories in rough, worn and decayed spaces, but the idea of living in a place like that.... I just want to clean it up and make it look good.

When the painting is finished, I want to hang the pictures and make it a gallery.

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