Thursday, 2 May 2013

Dressing Room Lighting

How often do you go into a dressing room and try on a gorgeous dress to find it looks horrible.  How often do you avoid it, just bring the garment home and try it on in your own space knowing the lighting is better.

This past week while working on the space and light for a dressing room, there are a few tips that are essential for good light in the room where you hang and store your clothes and dress yourself.

Remember it is a private space, usually just for you and/or your partner, but it is the space where you need good lighting that is flattering, but also light enough to see the difference between your brown, navy and black socks or tights.

This is where white and diffused light really are best, white so you can see color clearly and diffused, the flattering light, so there are no hard shadows. The examples above have white shades around the pendants. Easy to find your black socks and renders color well

Designing dressing rooms are essential for retail spaces as well, it is in the dressing room where we decide to purchase and a good tip from the high end retail dressing rooms is to place long strips of LED or T5 triphosphor fluorescent behind your mirrors so the light reflects off the walls.

If your your dressing room is more the size of a closet and not one that you walk into, putting a small white glass pendant in the area where you do dress, you will see the colors in better light.

Examples of good lighting for dressing rooms and closets and all from  John Lewis, under £100. They will give a good quality for any room.

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