Sunday 29 September 2013

The Plumen Lamp

The first time I saw the Plumen Lamp I was taken by the sinuous lines and was reminded of Art Nouveau, I had blogged about it and compared it to the forms of that iconic architecture.

The Compact Fluorescent Lamp had as much charm as bus shelter and the quality of light was flat and gave a slightly greenish wash to surfaces and our skin. And governments were trying to get us to switch to that from the warm and inviting glow of incandescent. It was a hard sell. It was used for public spaces where we rushed through.

Lighting manufacturers began to improve the quality of light by adding more red to the spectrum and the light did improve. Behind a big white shade it gives a generous spread of light and it is good to read by, it doesn't cast shadows and is functional.

I began to see the uses of it, CFL in the right place can provide good, functional light. But you needed to keep it behind a shade. It looks great with a black shade.

When I saw the Plumen Lamp, now that was imaginative and what a challenge, to take the functional CFL and turn it into light sculpture.

Sam Wilkinson met that challenge with a brief for an aesthetic low-energy light bulb with the instructions to  ‘design something amazing’

Last year I met him and talked to him. I mentioned the light, reminded me of Art Nouveau forms, he said it was more Deco shapes. Many have compared it to a trees. He told me how he persuaded manufacturers, Hulger to reposition the glass tubes in the ballast which enables the tubes to interlace.

I have spoken to other lighting designers and they equally find this lamp a tremendous improvement considering we have to meet efficiency regulations and make an attractive well lit environment. This lamp meets both, efficiency and is attractive.

From a project in progress in Oxfordshire.

Sam is designing other items, a glass shade for this lamp, furniture and installations.

This is my entry into Case Furniture Contemporary Blogging Competition. Find out more at Case Furniture

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