Tuesday, 2 April 2013

La Maison London

One weekend when we lived in France we went to visit friends in the Massive Central, it was a delicious weekend, our friend was finishing a book on the cheeses of the region.  The home was one of those meandering old buildings built over different times. It was stone and the furniture from different periods, solid oak pieces. One of the pieces was the a bed, a bateau lit or sometimes known as a sleigh bed. It was a great piece of furniture all solid wood with carvings and curves that just embraced you. The one problem was it was made for the height of people in the eighteenth century. They were much shorter than I and I am not that tall. So it wasn't a good night sleep.

However, I am telling this story because La Maison London makes reproduction bed frames of the type and style that a king or queen slept in but made for our taller frames and more spacious living.

Imagine sleeping in a Rococo bed all carved with medallions in the center and cherubs overlooking. Imagine a Baroque bed all stately and majestic gilded and ornate. You would sleep like a king or queen. Imagine these beds that fit your frame and your space. That will make you sleep very well.

When I visited the showroom on Kings Road, there they were these beautiful bed frames and made and carved in the traditional manner, the gilding done with gold leaf, hand carved and painted and custom finished. Beautiful beds, they would be lovely contrasted in a contemporary setting dressed up with rough linen sheets to make the carving stand out like sculpture.

La Maison also supply antique furniture and architectural ornaments as well as beds for kings and queens and for us too.

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