Monday, 6 February 2012

A Home in the Country

 With the coldest weekend this winter, I was with my dearest friend in the country. The home is warmed up with a wood fire, throws over the chairs and lots of conversation. We walked in the snow, visited a friend and tasted some Vodka flavored with a blade of summer grass, a drink that warms you from within.

 A country home has many textures, but this home has the warmth of wood, textiles that are embroidered, rugs hand knotted and throws hand woven. The pottery is hand thrown that show the potters thumb print and the ridges from the clay being spun on the wheel.

Vases of fresh flowers make the room redolent with fragrance and bulbs are sprouting in pots, promising blossoms in a few weeks.

A delightful weekened and with no service for iPhone, no email, twitter, blogs, it was another world.

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