Sunday, 25 September 2011

Vintage in Black

Hi I have been busy at the London Design Festival and will bring new posts about the great lighting, furniture and fabrics that has been exhibited this past week and next at the various locations in this great city.

However, Jenn from Arcadian Home Decor is guest blogging for me and she has a post about Vintage in Black, a comment for Jenn would be very welcome.

Hello! My name is Jenn and I'm a writer for Arcadian Home Decor, an e-commerce website that specializes in top home decor ideas around the world. I've been writing about interior design since graduating from university, and today I'm a huge fan of anything shabby chic, vintage home accessories, chandeliers, and table decor. It's sites like Light Color Design that get my home decor juices flowing, and I can't thank Kelly enough for letting me guest post on her beautiful blog. Thank you Kelly!

While most people would shy away from a bold color choice like black in their home decor, vintage in black is super chic. Full of drama and intensity, black and white stripes, black antique furniture, and even black walls make a major statement. These eight rooms showcase everything surprising and wonderful about vintage in black.

Clean lines
Black Vintage Rooms

apartment interior design (via)

Stripes were a huge fad in the 40s and 50s, and today they add vintage flare to a minimalist sewing room.

Mah-velous Marilyn
Black Vintage Rooms

EVDES (via)

A wall hanging of a mid-century icon like Marilyn Monroe immediately evokes a sense of history, but the black wall in which her portrait is displayed gives it even more impact.
Fade to black
Black Vintage Rooms

Creative Home Idea (via)

This antique black desk in a loft-style office also features dated table decorations, like the lamp and urn, while the workspace is updated with a top-of-the-line Apple computer.

Bottoms up
Black Vintage Rooms

elle decor (via)

The striking black floor in this formal living room is mimicked in the frames on the walls, the lamps, and the end tables, bringing the whole look together.

Spectacular transition
Black Vintage Rooms

The Lennoxx (via)

Black is a powerful color choice for a hallway, and the one shown here is no exception - it connects to a yellow room with distinct vintage feel.

A nod to the past
Black Vintage Rooms (via)

This vintage black living room draws on trends from decades past: low tufted furniture, an ornate detailed chandelier, and sweeping sheer curtains.

Black beauty
Black Vintage Rooms

Great Stuff I've Found (via)

Sometimes a smaller space like a bathroom looks more intimate when outfitted in a bold color like black - the grapefruit and teal accents add some much-needed pizzazz.

Heavenly hound
Black Vintage Rooms

Decor Pics (via)

An all-black room is broken up with sensational houndstooth patterns on the pillows and table decor.

What do you think of the post? Comments are welcome! Don't forget to check out Arcadian Home Decor†for more inspirations.

Thanks Jenn.


  1. Absolutely love the antique black desk!

  2. It is great, a solid piece of furniture.