Friday, 3 February 2012

COADG, Katie Treggiden

When I started my blog nearly a year ago, I had been reading dozens of them before jumping in. I came across the Design Blog Collective, it is a group of fun and creative people writing great, inspiring blogs. I was lucky to become a member and also found new friends, a community and a place to just talk blogs and design.

Katie started her blog Confessions of a Design Geek because of a passion she has for well made, well designed products and has written about them, interviewed designers, shows us things she has made earlier and tells about all the design shows, exhibits and festivals. I particularly enjoyed a series she did about the best designed cafes in London, a good coffee in pleasant surroundings.....

She has recently had a collection of interviews with designers published. Interviews where she really gets to the understanding the design process and asking the questions that started us into this work. 

Her book Interviews, Volume one  is available on her blog. Katie is now working on her dream of being a design writer, keeping us informed of new shows, new products, who is designing what and asking those questions of how to make it beautiful and useful. She also contributes to Heart Home Magazine, another publication by members of the DBCollective.

And she has a beautiful smile.

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