Saturday, 5 October 2013

Fashionable Illustrations

When we used to read large broadsheet daily newspapers, there was always on the 2nd page after the front page a large fashionable illustration of the newest collections at Lord and Taylor or Sax 5th Ave or another large department store that carried the latest collections from St Laurent, Dior or Chanel. I loved those illustrations, I loved the quick and bold strokes and the splash of watercolor. All were so evocative of style and fashion and invited your imagination to dress like that.

This collection of fashion illustrations by Eva Aldbrook were shown by Gray Modern & Contemporary Art at LAPADA Art and Antiques Fair last weekend at Berkley Square in Mayfair. These illustrations were shown for the 1st time since their publication in 1956 for The Sunday Times.  Eva Aldbrook, the artist of these fashionable illustrations was favored by the newspapers and magazines in London in the 50's and 60's. She was commissioned by the editor of British Vogue, Alisa Garland and Ernestine Carter, associate editor of The Sunday Times and other publications.

Eva Aldbrooks' illustrations caught that feel of the period, confidence, elegance and clean lines.

Fashion illustrations have always had an appeal to collectors, Erte being a favorite. They capture the style of the time. I like the quick sketching with charcoal pencils and contrast textures of watercolors, leaving lots of suggestions for us to imagine, those are the qualities that make them art and make great pieces to collect.

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