Thursday, 10 March 2011


Yesterday I biked to Greenwich for a meeting, that's a hike from where I am located but the sky was a bright blue and I couldn't resist a long ride under the blue sky. It was that or underground. It made me wonder how this color became associated with songs of a depressed mood and broken hearts. For me it is more like breakfast outside:

It is an emotive color, all colors are, but blue brings out much feeling for many people. I have worked with many who want to bring some blue to their living spaces. Always pleased to work with blue and although a cool color, it can be warmed up. The other magic of blue is how it can make a room feel larger, maybe that has to do with the feeling of an expansive sky, but a small room painted blue, amazing.

Arrangements of blue:

Samples from Philip Jefferies,  Vaughn, Sanderson, Travers, Ralph Lauren.

Reading a book on a sofa with a cat, pillows, in blue jeans, an open window, a breeze, calm, absorbed in a story, that is the feeling of blue I like.

Source: via Kelly on Pinterest

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