Monday, 14 March 2011


I asked on Facebook this week what is your favorite color. I had a rainbow of replies. What is my favorite color? I am always stuck for an answer, ( I can hear my Dad say that about challenged people) so I often answer with a question, "what is your favorite song?" However, I can't say I have a favorite color, I love them all. But I love them when the are used with sensitivity and care to the relationship of the other colors around it.

Violet or purple which is the correct name for this color that is not blue and not red, Newton listed it violet when he published his notes On Colour, violet is the shortest wave on the visible spectrum.

That makes it relaxing and calm. I so often associate it with bedrooms, my sister had a purple bedroom when we were growing up in Florida, a good color there, to a project in the Upper East Side recently where the bedroom was covered in a light violet grass cloth with a white tufted headboard, it was very pretty.

So bedrooms, violet bedrooms, thinking of violet bedrooms in the past couple of days I saw many images of wonderful, dreamy beds:

Very soft a lavender violet for an elegant French bed.

I like the contrast of the elaborate carved bedhead and the simple violet squares on the pillows and duvet cover, it creates balance.

wow..... pleasant dreams.... Patterns in violets: