Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Super Future Kid

Last week I went to this exhibition called Super Future Kid, one of the painters represented by Rise Art. On entering the gallery I saw the paintings, my first reaction was: LA 60's, on closer look at the images and icons of American television and advertising I noticed all are from the 80's - 90's. Fun, I thought, great for kids rooms, until I spoke with Super Future Kid herself.

I asked did she grow up with a brother? No, she tells me, she has a sister but she was the tomboy. That is something I know and understand, I have 2 daughters, one played with Barbies, the other was a tomboy.

But what fascinated me was when she told me she is from East Germany, she was 8 years old when the Berlin Wall came down. After that event, an event that not only changed political maps, it changed the cultural influences.

Super Future Kid told me she had never seen such vibrant and bright images, never seen the tv shows of colorful puppets, muscle men, sports, cartoons and interrupted with brash advertising. Things I grew up with and saw and liked but ignored, part of the landscape.

We may see all these images as ironic, but for her it ignited her imagination, filled it with stories, images, fun and color,#superfuturekid, I think her name tells it all.

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