Saturday, 5 March 2011


It has been very cold this week, a north east wind has been blowing. So I am longing for Spring and wishing to see some green, I am reminded of color studies long ago and how green is a very suitable color for city apartments and flats. Often in cities we face a row of buildings looking into other windows. Using green in your apartment or flat brings the life and freshness of nature:

I've been imagining a green space with a green linen sofa, velvet and silk pillow, curtains with green embroidery, the walls in white grass cloth wallpaper, using essentially one color but all different textures.
I find this green relaxes but still has a freshness like a cup of coffee in the morning.

A few other samples of linen/cotton and silks. I love using silk, it has that light reflection which always lifts our spirits.

The samples of fabrics are from Vaughn, Sacho, Dedar, Designer's Guild and Harlequin.

Source: via Kelly on Pinterest

A seedling and a coat of paint, hurry spring.

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