Thursday, 28 April 2011


Source: via Kelly on Pinterest

Over Easter I was with my son and as we were cooking and talking and exchanging latest news and things fascinating us, this quote from Ira Glass of This American Life made me laugh.

It reminded me of the time I started in design professionally and all the other artists, writers, musicians, songwriters, photographers, filmmakers and all of us in creative work and the struggle to get to where you are satisfied with your own work. It is a road and I always thought it will take 10 years. That road, that journey of getting to where your work is as good as your taste is part of finding that special thing.

I was also reminded of an advertisement for the School of Visual Arts in New York. "How Bad Do You Want To Be Good?"


  1. Kelly, I really enjoy all your blog posts and all of the wonderful images. This quote is especially inspiring. Thanks!

  2. Thank you, I found this quote so true, and today I feel I am still on that road.