Wednesday, 27 April 2011


With the fabulous weather this past week the leaves have pushed off all the blossoms and the streets are lined with canopies of leafy trees. Wanting to stay outside all day I was thinking of the pretty patterns of leaves and trees that have been among the recent trends in fabrics and wallpapers this season.

Hyde Park

Wallpaper and fabric samples from Zoffany, GP&Baker, Colefax and Fowler

And De Gourney has provided some of the loveliest of wallpapers of trees lining walls in their Chinoiserie collection. A way to bring the outside inside.


  1. Hi Kelly,I always find that by bringing the outside inside you create a peacefulness around you that it is otherwise hard to obtain. Really lovely.

  2. Ana, how are you? Yes, bringing outside inside always makes a peaceful space, thanks for the kind comment.