Friday, 29 April 2011

A Royal Wedding Tea Party

The tea was a blend of Assam with some orange flowers, it was delicate and flavorful. The cake was  dark and fruity with a thick sweet layer of white royal icing and pink and white sugared almonds scattered over the very pretty china.

This week with all things Royal Wedding, I was invited to a tea party by the makers of the china loved by Queen Victoria, Herend. Herend has been associated with European royal families since Queen Victoria placed her first order for a dinner service at The Great Exhibition of London in 1851

This very pretty tea set with flowers and butterflies with a gold border has been in production ever since the order was placed by royalty in 1851, it hasn't changed only updating the colors. Made from fine porcelain china, hand painted and the butterfly handles still formed by hand.

Another pattern in fine china, I think I would like to have my Darjeeling in this cup each morning

This is the limited edition Royal Wedding Tea Set by Herend in celebration of William and Kate.

  Pink and white rose tea cup, this would make any celebration a treat, with cake and sugared almonds on a table with pink linen and some roses in a crystal vase.

PS, my son and daughter are named William and Kate.


  1. The first comment.
    I live in Japan, I like HEREND.
    Looking for Royal Wedding Tea Set only this pink and white.
    Japan does not sell.
    I know I can buy this Tea Set?
    Really want.
    Thank you.

    I only know a little English.
    I'm sorry not funny in English.

  2. Hello Marmumasa,

    Thank you for reading my blog, I will be happy to find out for you about the tea set and ill let you know.

    Best, Kelly

  3. Really?
    I am happy.
    Please look for this tea set!

  4. Glad to know about this tea party. I am in search of exquisite NYC wedding venues for arranging my sister-in-law’s bridal shower party. Searched on internet and came across few venues. Looking forward to book perfect venue soon.