Monday, 15 April 2013

Silk Underfoot

Silk under your foot is a particularly pleasant experience. Smooth, warm, soft and well yes, silky.

Pile and loop weaves create textural stripes

Silk and wool make a luxurious combination, extremely comfortable and elegant. An example in various weaves.

Long staple wool from sheep high in the mountains of Nepal, woven in stripes of loop and cut pile.

These samples of woven carpets are from Nepal, the wool and silk comes from that region as well. The cool climate in the high mountains in Nepal make the wool particularly long and give a silky texture to the fiber. The silk in these carpets as well come from the region, silk needs no explanation of how luxurious it is, naturally warm and smooth. These samples can be fitted to fill a whole room or a to make a wonderful rug next to your bed or in front of your fire place. They are special and expensive. I am now supplying these sumptuous rugs, contact me if you would like one next to your bed.

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