Tuesday, 16 April 2013

A Refined Studio

Arc of light

details of wood and leather handles

This apartment was featured in the New York Times home and garden section over the weekend. I found myself staring at the photos looking at the seamless flow of space and the soft light reflected from the materials.  It is a space that is lined with 18" wide whitewashed fir, it covers the floor, the built in cupboards, the bed, the dining table and bench. The walls are Venetian plaster and swathes of linen are used for the windows and dressing the bed. An item that delighted me was seeing the arc of light over the dining table by Vibia Lighting, a choice by the architect because there wasn't room for recessed lighting.

The architect Rick Joy designed this pied-à-terre for his client. His choice of materials, the whitewashed fir, linen, leather, steel, denim are like a symphony.


  1. I stared at this for a long time too, examining every corner. One thing that bothered me was the absence of a kitchen or kitchenette or even a bar sink. I wonder if that area was not finished, and so they didn't include it, or if this is truly a bachelor of the world, who orders even his cocktails from the concierge!

  2. yes it would have been good to see the kitchen, it is mentioned it is located opposite the desk, but we don't see it, maybe still needs to be installed or your right, truly a bachelor of the world. xx