Friday, 29 March 2013

Old and New

Further thoughts on cooking under Gainsborough, there was a mix there of styles and periods in the Adam house and the very elegant Induction Table by La Cornue. It is one of my favorite ways to work with the elements of a space, the mix of old and new. New and elegant furniture in elegant old buildings, it is a mix that is very attractive and many people and most of my clients love. It is easy to achieve as shown here from Pia Ulin photos for Elle Interior Magazine or from the home of Fritz Hansen.

We see often old or reproduction furniture in a older building, or modern in a new building, all are great styles, but the mix and contrast of old and new brings together styles and blends our old buildings with the new ways we live. While the new fits very well in old spaces, the trick is to bring the old in a new space with out it looking out of place....another post.  xx

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