Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Cooking Under Gainsborough

 Cooking in a Robert Adam house in Fitzroy Square and under a painting by Gainsborough was chef Tom Sellers. Last evening at an event to demonstrate the elegant new stove from La Cornue, French architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte has designed a hob that is more like a free standing table. The Induction Table has four inductors laid out in an arc to leave a central workspace. It is a unique approach to designing a stove for the cook, where they can cut, chop and prepare all on a surface of 1.50 m. 

It is an impressive piece of equipment and one that is particularly suited to the ergonomics of the cooking process. It is like a table for a DJ at a mixing console and because it is free standing very well suited for the cook who wants to be in the center of the room, one of the essential elements of good Feng Shui in the kitchen, it brings the heat, warmth and food to the center.

Tom Sellers made some delicious food on it and he spoke of the ease of having all the space to prepare, cook and serve all on one surface. And his food was delicious.

I very much enjoyed seeing this elegant furniture/stove under a Gainsborough, it worked.

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