Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Heart Home Magazine 2

With some time to catch up on some reading I have very much enjoyed the second issue of Heart Home Magazine. It came out earlier this month and I had a brief look, but today I had some time to read. It is as engaging and enjoyable as the 1st issue. The articles cover many items for the holidays, but also a good selection of articles on homes of real people.

I have recently been measuring mantlepieces for mirrors and looking at frames, styles and placement. Mirrors look very good above the mantlepiece, they help to illuminate the space and give a sense of spaciousness. So while reading Heart Home today I paid particular attention to the mirrors in the articles and was enchanted of the variety of styles and where they are placed. 

I liked the placement of vintage over a bathroom sink and an arrangement of pictures and a round mirror over a bathtub.

Heart Home Magazine is full of ideas and imagination. Subscribe all your friends and family, they will love it.

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