Friday, 8 April 2011

La Perla Negra

Last week when I was on Bond Street, I visited some of the galleries. I was particularly impressed with work on show at The Opera Gallery of Lita Cabellut. This selection of her powerful paintings is a tribute to Frieda Kahlo.

Frieda Kahlo had life long health problems resulting from polio as a child, then a serious traffic accident as a teenager which broke numerous bones in her body. Through her long convalescence she learned to paint and it is in her self portraits where you see how she stoically bears the pain of her wounds. Powerful stuff, and it is those portraits that have touched many, particularly women seeing their own pain in their mind, body or souls.

Lita Cabellut has absorbed these paintings and has produced some excellent work, paintings that show her study of Kahlo but also exhibits her own skills and statement. She has taken the portraits and shown a different angle of her head and with bold brush strokes paints the pain that Kahlo endured. They are large, dramatic portraits. The heads and figures are on a deep inky background or a strong color which intensify the flesh tones and red flowers Kahlo was known to wear in her hair.

Art has been an important element to my life as designer. The canvas is another space to work out proportions, balance, form, color and light but often with painting there is narrative which can help us understand our story. Lita Cabellut is telling her story as well.

I recommend a visit to The Opera Gallery, the show is on till the 22nd of April.


  1. Very unfortunate that I will not make it to the U.K. any time soon. I would have loved to have seen this exhibit; quite intense paintings. Wow.
    Alice in Miami

  2. Alicia, how are you? They are some good paintings. I was impressed.

  3. Well, thank you! I clicked on your name to check out the 'Frida' paintings. Decided to leave you a comment :-)
    Hope you're well. Stay in touch.

  4. Hi Kelly. My name is Diana Herrera. I'm journalist of Vivir Bien, a lifestyle magazine in Bogota, Colombia. I want to write an article about this exhibit. Do you have the images in high resolution (300 dpi)? Can we use your images, with your credit of course?