Monday, 4 April 2011

Patterns of Light and Shadow

On bright sunny days when light streams through a window,  it will often leave a pattern of shadows from the window frame, a shutter or a lace curtain across the wall or floor. They are ephemeral patterns. Sometimes they will elongate and stretch out, other times they will be short, brief and transitory because of a passing cloud.

These patterns of light and shadow tell us what time of day it is, they fill the room with a temporary design, but I like to think it also guides us on window treatments; what kind of curtains should we have,  I would never want to cover a window so that we would loose daylight, but they are so necessary at night.

With such a wide window and the varied grid pattern the light creates, a wide curtain pole is needed so it doesn't interrupt this lovely shadow. What a marvelous pattern.

You can feel the breeze, but look at the pretty shadow on the wall, to me it is prettier than the curtain.

And this dramatic screen of the shadow of a tree.

Light, natural light, the way it illuminates our rooms, our minds, I find is an essential element in the concept of interior design. It gives the room soul and when you find a quiet moment you will see the light.

images via Flickr

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