Friday, 1 April 2011

The Bedside Table

This humble table next to our bed is an intimate piece of furniture. We wake up to it as we reach to turn off the alarm and go to sleep next to it as we reach over to turn out the light.

It holds our intimate items, the latest book of our current passions, always a lamp, some pictures of loved ones, a clock, maybe some flowers, a glass of water. Perhaps you will take off your earrings or your watch and place them there, maybe a night cream. It is a personal space but one not lacking for imagination or design.

As interior designer, I have thought of this space often as I have helped people choose the right table for their intimate needs. Like many design problems the same principles apply; the amount of space you have, the height of your bed and how much do you need to hold. Do they have to match? I would be the first to say no, but it is nice to have the right height just even with the bed and enough surface to hold a book and a lamp and whatever else.

A good use of a narrow space, holds the essentials, maybe a little high.

This is smart and minimal, easy to clean and take care of, but knowing me books would pile up on the floor.

A practical use of books.

A good flea market find.

Smart, tidy and good storage and a lovely lamp.

   Mirrored, this is glamorous.....

        Very elegant, lots of surface space, storage, good light, maybe a little low.

Very Judd inspired...

           What is next to your bed?

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