Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Black and White

Ah, black and white, I am continually attracted to the drama of black and white, as much as I love color I am drawn again and again to these 2 colors. As a designer, I admit, my wardrobe is black and white.

Black and white are essential to balance the color in a room, too much color and a space will be overwhelming and busy. Without some black and particularly white, there is no relief in the space. Black intensifies a color, while white make it lighter and fresher.   When used alone it is architectural and dramatic:

I have always admired the work of Franz Kline, the bold brush strokes up and down and across a canvas. It is dramatic and architectural and in relation to interior design one can capture that energy in a lampshade, painting doors or a sweep of black cupboards. But also the composition of his canvases relate to an elevation, the position of a door, windows, paintings on a wall, placement of furniture and can be an inspiration to arrangement.

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