Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Mu Raspberry

Stripes Sunburst

Mu Saffron

Stripes Celery

Mu Blue

Stripes Iris

Ikat is a way of creating pattern with dyes in textiles before the fabric is woven. It is an ancient technique that was discovered and practiced around the world.  It is done when you are making the warp and the weft by binding sections of the yarns with rafia to block out or resist the dye when it is soaked in the dye bath.

It is different from tie and dye we see on t-shirts because that is done after the textile is woven and the garment sewn.

Both techniques of tie and dye create beautiful patterns and can make wonderful play of color.

Madeline Weinrib atelier has created from this ancient technique of pattern making a collection of fabrics, rugs and pillow covers with astonishing vibrant colors and patterns. They are simple, graphic and bold, modern and colorful. They would be a welcome splash of color to many modern interiors of whites and taupes. But imagine how beautiful they would be as curtains or blinds against a fashionable charcoal wall.

Take a moment to enjoy the colors and patterns on her website The fabrics and rugs are available at ABC Carpet and Home and in Harrods in London.

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