Monday, 17 October 2011


After the London Design Festival there has been several new exhibits and art fairs in this city. I have been to a few but the exhibit of photographs by Lydia Goldblatt at Broadbent Gallery in Notting Hill is a moving and poignant selection of photographs.

Lydia's photographs are C-type photographic hand prints, developed in the dark room. The content of her photos are quiet, contemplative and thoughtful.  Each photo is composed with low light emphasizing the passing time of day or of age. They are graceful. The exhibition is on till the 22nd October. I would get to see it or see her website:

A few words about the gallery, I was invited to an exhibit during the summer and was very pleased by paintings and sculptures, a selection by Roy Conn and Jules de Goede both painters of the mid-century that use strong color, in forms and in blocks, they vibrate with intensity.

Angus Broadbent represents a variety of modern artists, some I have been looking at in museums and galleries for years, Sam Francis, Alf Lohr, Andrew Vass are a few and one of my favorite painters from New York, Gary Komarin. The gallery is a white cube, the best backdrop for paintings and sculpture, but what I liked so much was the content of the work, the work of artists who explored color, form, composition. And from my interior design side, they are workable sizes, they fit on a wall, in a room and will fill it with art.

I look forward to the next exhibit.

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