Thursday, 18 August 2011


Flos, one of my favorite lighting companies, produced a couple of years ago, the slim and elegant desk lamp Kelvin LED, design by Antonio Citterio with Toan Nguyen. The 4" square head of has 30 LED lamps:

And gives excellent task light when I saw the light at the Moleteni & C showroom. The articulation of the lamp enables it to rotate, move back, forward and extend. It has an animated quality. There was something about the movement of this lamp that reminded me very much of a computer in a sci-fi movie made in the 90's, The Flight of the Navigator.

It is about a boy who falls down a ravine and wakes up in a space ship. In this space ship is a robot, which waits for instructions from the boy. Each time the robot receives instruction it agrees and says "Compliance". The robot has a round head, unlike this light, but it has a long articulated arm which can turn 360ยบ and moves backward and forward and extends giving the robot a very animated character. It is not a jealous robot like HAL, but complies and aids the lost boy to his home but with an adventure.
Why do some stories and objects stick in your mind? what is it that links disparate images, I'm not sure, but maybe the promotional photo of the boy siting at the table with this animated light triggered my memory.

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