Monday, 18 April 2011

Plumen Lights

"The name comes from ‘plume’ – a bird’s show feather, designed to attract attention to a bird’s prowess and beauty."

The inspiration comes from a feather, for me the sinuous and elegant new compact fluorescent from Plumen, designed by the collaboration of Hulger and Sam Wilkinson reminds me much more of Art Nouveau architecture and the organic shapes in stained glass windows and many designs of this style.

Source: via Kelly on Pinterest

                  Paris Metro

 image: Tara Bradford, Paris Parfait

Compact fluorescent bulbs have been used for very earnest and worthy reasons, using them for efficiency and energy saving. But our rooms have an unattractive green light that make our furnishings go brown at night and give our skin tones an unhealthy pallor even though you had a work out and were in the pink of health.

I resisted recommending CF bulbs and stuck to halogen or now the improving LEDs. But the Plumen is changing my view, not only is it an elegant shape, the quality of light is a warm white giving it a better lighting effect and color rendering. Like all fluorescent light, it does not cast sharp shadows but is an even light, better for tasks and reading.

However, the use of the bulb hanging and exposed over a row of tables is lovely. I would like to see it through a shade of glass, thin paper or gauze so the form shines through.

I think the pendant in this hallway should be changed.

The Plumen 001, the designer energy saving bulb, has won the overall award Brit Insurance Design for 2011.

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