Sunday, 17 April 2011

Muse of Marylebone's Mews

A couple of weeks ago was the opening of  the new furniture and accessories showroom of Muralto in Marylebone, a collection of Swiss designed contemporary furnishings. Stylish, clean lines and simple, functional chairs, sofas and tables.

While there I enjoyed the serendipity of meeting others and one was Lindy McManus who is the muse of mews. A friend in the States had recently asked if I know of a property finder for a client of hers and that is where the serendipity comes in, the happy chance of meeting someone for my friend back home.

Lindy explained she is not an estate agent but only acts on behalf of the buyer and is able to negotiate a much better price particularly with her knowledge and experience. I was also so pleased to hear that she works with people overseas who have limited time when searching for a property here in London and best for them, can save much in taxes.

More fun came later in the week when we met for lunch and Lindy showed me some of the treasures of London, the mews, the old stables or garages, that have been converted into charming houses. Off main streets, through an arch, down an alley, these mews are in quiet corners or a cul -de- sac where today they make elegant little homes. Just right for some of these lovely furnishings:

Manet dining chair

Large graphic rug

A ceramic sculpture for the garden or home

To see the beautiful collection at Muralto go to:

And for help finding the right place for you see Lindy's website:

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