Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Local Color

Yesterday the weather was unbelievable, sun, warm and a breeze that was like a silk scarf around your neck.

Each time I go out in my neighborhood I admire the local color. Walking down one street the doors, window frames, the brick work are painted lively and I would say sophisticated colors giving an elegant curb appeal. Most will have a pot of flowers or a shrub adorning the door, but the fun I see is the color of the doors: red, pink, yellow, green and black and white. Gives the street personality. Here are some of my favorites:

And this blue painted brick. Looks so fresh.

What color is your door?


  1. Excellent door))
    I live in an apartment rented by her and I can not paint - it is just a light brown color))
    but in my house, it will be red)))

  2. Red is a very good color for entrance, good feng shui. Thanks.