Friday, 28 March 2014

Window Dressing

Bay windows are often a challenge in window dressing and spacial planning. That extra half a meter depth to a room. Often the question is what can you do with it?

Plenty I like to say.

First suggestion, it can really set off wonderful curtains, long, full, interlined silk pooling on the floor. Curtains to fill that extra space. One of the most important keys to beautiful curtains is how they are suspended, the right pole, measuring the bay to get the correct angle of the bends to fit the bay, this is where it is best to call in the professionals and one of the best is Tracks Direct. It is so worth to have it done right.

Always looks luscious, but does not always conform to the clients' life if there are children and pets.

Then there is that extra space that can be very useful when you are in London flats and you need every inch. Window benches are great and use the space well, the best window treatment for this arrangement are blinds, they drop just to the window ledge leaving you the space to sit on your bench.

 But there are other solutions particularly when you have to use every inch of space in a London flat. Making that extra depth of two feet or about half a meter a perfect place to put the desk and create a home office.


A project in progress where the windows will have a minimal treatment of white frost on the glass and white blinds to filter and diffuse the light and also creates the clean uncluttered backdrop for a home office. More to come on this one.

Please see the interview I had with Tracks Direct.

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