Monday, 24 February 2014

How to Choose a Light Bulb

Light is a key element in making a space come alive with mood and character. It is so essential to the process of designing a room.  I will often point out, we can't change your colors without changing the lighting.

And it need not be an expensive lighting and rewiring installation. Changing a light bulb and a new shade can be as effective.

With new regulations and codes about light bulbs, we have to stay informed about what is the best type of light for a certain space: a hallway, entrance, kitchens, to each room in a house or workplace,

This past week, NPR aired a very informative broadcast on Light Bulbs: Watts The Deal.

A broadcast full of very good tips and advice on which is the best light bulb for the right space. Such as the difference between warm whites, soft white and daylight. Another tip is how CFL is not suitable outside for porch lights or gardens in colder climates. And another is how LED's work best with a dimmer.

Great information on the technical and energy aspects of bulbs. But discussions on how LED is closer to the color of incandescent with more red in the spectrum. And CFL, the compact fluorescent can be a cold and shadowless light and that is what puts us off that bulb. However, an even shadowless light is best to work under particularly if you are using any machinery or tools or working at a desk. With a good diffuser, it is a very efficient light.

On the designer side, you should really question what activities happen in your space you need to light. Is it kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, a living room or a room of many activities in the space. Most often we have multiple things going on in one room.

Listen to the broadcast if you have any questions on which light bulb to use. Really useful information. Watts the Deal.

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