Sunday, 22 September 2013

The Waiting Room

The waiting room in hospitals and doctor's office are transitory spaces, you go there to wait to see your physician. They are functional with seats, usually molded plywood or plastics based very much on the Robin Day chair, easy to stack, easy to move. Often there will be a water cooler, sometimes a table with dated magazines and newspapers. But today most people are reading their cell phones. The colors will usually be on the cooler side of the spectrum to keep you calm while you wait, the lighting functional, economic  fluorescent.

This summer I have had to wait in this waiting area at UCH often, I have been having intensive therapy and rehabilitation for my hand after multiple fractures from a bike accident. For a waiting area it is not too bad, functional, institutional and this photo of a mermaid on a fountain, I think it might be from the fountain at Regent's Park..... I will have to go look.

Actually, I don't have to wait long at all, it is all quite efficient. I pass by the wounded and injured waiting to be cast in plaster, splints strapped around strains or fracture, all patient but looking uncomfortable. It leads me into the clinic for hand therapy where my very kind therapist stretches and bends my hand which can be torture or like a thorough work out of stretching very stiff muscles and tendons. Some mobility is back, but will take many more months...ugh!

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