Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Architecture + Angst

My last post was about reading blogs and coffee and a contest at Heart Home. We all read blogs now, we have our favorites and there are so many on so many topics and themes.

Most of the blogs I follow are about the design industry, like Design Hunter, Vosgeparis and my friend Carol at Dear Designer where they share news of new projects and products. Others I like just for the visual inspiration like {this is glamorous} or Greige Design. I like Holly at Decor8 because Holly's is conversational, fun and uplifting, she has a compelling story.

And there are many, many more that I am sure we all love to read and share the things that  fascinate us and engage us. My sister and I post on this blog about our conversations on food, an exhibition visited, new products or a space or images that feed my imagination.

But there is one blog about coffee and architecture, Coffee with an Architect, by Jodie Brown, that makes me laugh out loud and I shake my head in agreement of how he puts into words and images what the existential experience of being an architect or designer is like. He does this with humor and references to movies and always, as I said, making me laugh out loud. Much of the angst I have experienced as a designer..

Jodie is an architect standing in front of an ideology asking it to love him.

Here's looking at you kid, xx


  1. Steve Martin also played an architect in the movie 'It's complicated" with Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin.

  2. And he was very good, that was a funny movie and Alec Baldwin hilarious.