Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Martyn Brewster

The Waterhouse and Dodd Gallery on Cork Street in London has a beautiful exhibition on right now, till the 16th March, Coastal Light, paintings by Martyn Brewster. The paintings are oil on canvas, colors are cobalt, ultramarine and vermillion from the tube, they have that saturation of light and color that only comes from oil paint.

The composition of the paintings are abstract shapes of rectangles and squares that stretch and drift across the canvas like a remembered landscape. When I spoke with Martyn on the evening the show opened, he spoke of the light and space of a coastal town, the immense sense of light you have when you live near water. We chatted of favorite painters and of making art from the traditional ways: drawing, painting and observing one's environment, of paint and charcoal, paper, pen and ink.

His paintings fall into the wonderful history of modern English painting of landscape, exploring light, color, forms and translating them onto canvas.  I shall direct clients to his work first.

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