Monday, 3 June 2013

Some Los Angeles Apartments

 3919 N. Rosemead Blvd., 1965

 5947 Carlton Way, 1965

 1323 Bronson, 1965

708 S. Barrington Ave. [The Dolphin], 1965

These photographs were taken by Ed Ruscha taken in 1965, they were recently shown on the NPR Picture Show Blog to coincide with the current exhibition at the Getty museum in Los Angeles. They are part of a whole series of photographs of apartments, parking lots and gasoline stations all built from that period.

Ruscha took seemingly straight, deadpan photos of these buildings. He was looking at the simple forms, the minimal shapes and the playful positioning of the names of these buildings.

Today we look at these as a documentation of a time and a style of building. These buildings remind me so much of the apartments in Florida, they were the ones air conditioning and a pool. And the cars were were great looking too. These buildings have become the backdrop to many movies and TV shows they are iconic now. Just love the simple and honest building.

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  1. Kelly, I love this post! The good old days in LA.