Saturday, 9 February 2013

Valentine's Day New York Style!



                                                                NEW YORK CITY STYLE

The mysterious St. Valentine was at least three people according to lore. Maybe he or she was an urban legend? The Roman Catholic Church is craven to admit that only one Valentine existed. Well, who cares, what a great idea for a romantic figure to emerge from the Middle Ages and symbolize the beginning of mating season in February. Perfect segue and thee perfect food for V-Day!

                                                SEA URCHIN

                                                THE SEXIEST FOOD ALIVE

The incredibly divine eggs and gonads of the hedgehog of the sea! My favorite food on earth.   
The perfect food for Valentine's Day at Dave Pasternack's, ESCA NYC.

Spending some time on the Gulf of Mexico, when growing up, I used to step on these fabulous creatures. I was annoyed by them, they were everywhere. My only regret is that I did not know how truly delicious and nourishing they are. The Japanese, the artists of food culture on earth, are UNI specialists. Modern chefs in New York City are advancing uni into the palates of the squeamish (not me). Here are a FEW of my favorite uni indulging spots in the City where my uni dreams come true.

This a brilliant idea by Chef Michael White served at the flagship of his empire: MAREA. Sea urchin bruschetta with a paper thin slice of lardo! Bravo Chef Bianco!

                                                            Uni sushi at NOBU with champagne

Uni wrapped in daikon, sublime at NOBU

  Sea urchin tempura 

       Blue Ribbon Izakaya: Maine sea urchin alive with their onion rings tempura, the best in the City!

 Sensuous Japanese, Santa Barbara and Maine sea urchin at 15 EAST with a big fat martini
 (these are iphone photos taken at 15 East's dark dining room)

What a Date Night! 

Uni dreams being fulfilled is one of the passions of my existence. I intend to keep us all updated regularly. Thank you, Neptune Nature Spirit! 

Empire State dressed in red for a lovely walk home.
Happy Valentine's Day!


This is my favorite go-to recipe at home to satisfy my uni cravings.
I always make homemade pasta, (one half pound) tagliolini, but egg noodles work as well.
Toss the hot pasta with 1 tablespoon each of ghee, high quality olive oil and organic cream,
add the uni tongues toss lightly, spice it up with 10 turns of mixed peppercorns.
 Enjoy this bliss dish with a glass of champagne.

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