Sunday, 10 February 2013

DIY Valentine Cards

I had some fun today.  I made some potato cut prints. I cut out a heart shape and printed it onto cards.

Valentines Day is a charming holiday, a day to tell your loved ones you love them. In school when we were children I remember we would have a special day to make Valentine cards for our mothers, the cards would have cut out hearts in paper that would pop out in cards, or stencils in heart shapes... all kinds of ways to make a mark on a card.

Potato cuts is one of the easiest and fun ways to print. I couldn't resist looking at the bag of potatoes I was going to use to make soup.

Like a recipe, these are the items needed:

A potato
red paint
pens, pencils for embellishment
card, any size.

Start with your potato and cut in half, then draw a heart on the cut piece.

You have 2 potato halves, on one I cut around the heart, on the other I cut out the inside of the heart. Oh my god, that sounds heartless, but it is just a potato. When you have cut out the shapes, just blot them on a piece of paper towel.

 Put some paint on your plate. It can be any color, pink, green, blue, any color, white on a black card would look very chic, then draw a red line around it... thousands of ideas.

Then print:

This is so much fun with children, they can bring them to school for their friends, give one to all you love. So much nicer than a bought card or an e-card but just as nice as chocolates and wine.

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    sweeter than chocolate.