Friday, 18 January 2013

A Blend of Styles

Many times I am asked about how do you mix contemporary with traditional,  how do you bring together different styles to make it look like you own it. I often respond with it depends... it depends on the architecture of your space, the light and then your materials.

This very beautiful apartment in Paris of two designers Gilles and Boissier have balanced all of these elements. They have a stunning light filled apartment with very traditional molding and paneling. It appears each wall, door and ceiling has paneling or delicately carved molding, making it very traditional, perhaps from the late 18th or early 19th century. Painting it all white restrains the architectural features and using very classical and traditional marble and quality wood but leaving it very minimal blends the styles. Limited patterns and colors but using the textures of the materials to carry the patterns and colors. Installing furniture with simple lines but comfortable. These are some of the techniques designers use to bring together and blend styles across many periods.

The use of black along the ceiling defines the molding, very elegant feature.

Simple gathered curtains rather than swags and tails creates a far more sophisticated room.

Ahhh, Carrara marble...

And the kitchen a blend of wood and marble, uncarved, unadorned , just the pattern and colors of the materials speak. This very beautiful apartment can be seen at

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