Thursday, 20 December 2012

Introducing Vava

Hello all my friends, I am adding a contributor to my blog, she is Vava, she is my sister. She is in New York and has a home in Vermont with a fabulous garden. She is fantastic cook and has a well honed sense of fashion and style formed from years of working with clothes. We made paper doll clothes when we were kids and learned to sew making Barbie dresses.

When we Skype we talk about food, delicious meals we have cooked or a restaurant we have been to, a wine we have tasted. We talk about clothes and fashion, the cut of jeans, the blend of cashmere or the new collection of a favorite designer and I have often thought these conversations should be shared.

Being an interior designer and writing a blog on interiors and design, food and fashion would inevitably cross into the posts. When designing a kitchen, dining room or a cafe with a client conversations about food and cooking always arise, they go together. As so with many other parts of designing a home, we cross into other areas of design, art, culture, style, fashions.

I am looking forward to having Vava contribute, there will be recipes, there will be styling ideas and observations.... Come back tomorrow for Doomsday.

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