Friday, 26 October 2012

Victorian Lace

This very pretty bodice is Victorian, hand sewn, cut and shaped with bone to fit tight to the form. The back is laced up. There is no way to slip this over you head, you have to be laced into it. The black lace is layered over pink cotton. It has a skirt to go with it, full to the floor and lace trails along the back. This garment is over 100 years old, this week I was looking at clothes on Oxford street, there are dresses, skirts and tops based on this same idea lace over laying another fabric, the shapes very similar, colors almost identical. The main difference is the use of lycra and elastin spun into the lace to make it stretch so you don't need you a maid to lace you up. They are all seductive and feminine, like this bodice. Plus ca ca rest....

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