Sunday, 28 October 2012

Of Clocks and Lamps

We turned the clocks back last night, it now gets darker an hour earlier. By December we will have only 7 or 8 hours of daylight.

Some love the long winter nights, they can be quite special sitting by a fire. But I have been thinking of how we will all need more light as the days shorten and nights are longer.

I was looking at the new table lamps at Porta Romano this week. There is one light I thought would jazz up any room through the winter, it has a black and white striped blown glass base and a yellow satin lampshade.

Another simple but no less elegant is a Squash Lamp in subtle plum blown glass.

And this lamp of sculptural glass and a silk linen shade, I can imagine the light playing off the form.

The honey colored shade will warm any room and give it a glow, the base of blown glass will give a variety of colors as the light spreads over it in the evening.

All these lamps will give any room some warmth and light, they will add some style and sit next to the sofa or a bedside like a piece of sculpture. All from the new collection at Porta Romano... some of the best lights in London.

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