Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Work Spaces

A place to work, a room of one's own, where ideas develop into reality in words, on canvas, in sound and now more often on screen and sent off on the internet. There have been several books written with lots of photos of where great writers wrote, what the studios where like of great painters, where musicians composed and always I am amazed at the simple rooms, not fussy, often exposed materials, often a window to look out.

The space doesn't need to be large, enough for a table, a chair, shelves, for painters and designers a good wall space to view work and always a window for light.

Since I am working on my own space, my work room, I am thinking a lot about work spaces and was looking at a few:

And this space with full floor to ceiling plate glass views over an ocean,  a composer would make music, a painter would paint the color of light... but it is probably for a banker looking at spreadsheets.

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