Sunday, 30 September 2012

Designjunction Lights

A selection of the stunning lights on exhibit at Designjunction.

This light, unfortunately I did not get her name, but it is made of old polystyrene boxes, stacked up, given a coat, I think of clear varnish, held up by wire and illuminated with LED. When I went to look at it and see what material it was made of, I tapped it, it felt soft, I touched it harder with my nails then someone came over and said don't touch it and explained what it is made of. It is beautiful, it had an atmospheric type of light, soft, shadowy. It had the extra attraction being made of material that is usually discarded but turned into sculpture. It almost looked like the paper lights by Frank Gehry.

Another piece of sculpture, a ribbon of veneer undulating and folding on itself, suspended by wire and illuminated with LED. All were at Designjunction.

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