Sunday, 30 September 2012

Lights From 100% Design

Continuing to look at the really fabulous lighting from the London Design Festival, 100% Design at Earls Court had a wide range from Europe, above from here in London is Ochre, with a wall of drops of glass.

 From the Czech Republic hand blown glass in traditional shaped pendents which looked so refreshing.

 From Holland Jacco Maris had a display of a stunning gold plated steel chandelier.

From an Emerging British designer pendents covered in feathers, giving a softness to the light.

All design, the furniture, fabrics, flooring, surfaces, were all excellent this year, I looked at them all, but my attention was drawn to the lighting for several reasons. I had attended a seminar on the topic and current projects all need new lighting installations. And light more than any other product or material will alter the space and mood, if the lighting is poorly arranged, the rest of the arrangement, colors, etc. won't be right. It is pivotal to creating a beautiful space.

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