Saturday, 18 August 2012

Who Has Enough Storage Space?

When you rip everything out of closets and cupboards to renovate you have a few thoughts about your stuff and what you need and what you don't need but another aspect is storage. Who has enough storage living in a city?

It is great to have a big country house with rooms to put all your stuff. Or a house in the suburbs with a garage to store all the things you do not want to throw away. But in town most of us have a little hall cupboard or an alcove next to the chimney wall, so schemes are worked out to maximize the the amount of space you can get from shelves and drawers and poles and hooks and boxes.

Still in the midst of renovating my flat, another thing I ask is do you need that?

Thinking of storage and shelving I took a look at some cupboards, wardrobes and armoires that are available.

Rococo, carved medallion a very pretty armoire from French Finds.

From Oka more of French style with the interior lined with curtains.

India Jane has a wide selection of styles, this one with louvered doors reminds me of Southern Europe or from New Orleans. The louvered doors are actually very practical, they let the air circulate but keeps the dust out.

Room and Board has a more modern aesthetic with a very attractive and simple double wardrobe. No carvings and ledges for dust to collect, just straight lines in good quality wood.

West Elm has some good simple pieces for storage, discrete and would fit into the alcoves or recesses.

A charming single wardrobe from Laura Ashley and a lovely double one with simple embellishment.

And Ikea, who doesn't have something from Ikea? forever useful, forever practical, forever affordable.

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