Friday, 17 August 2012

Some More Progress

Over the weekend and stretching into the week, ugh! I stripped, scraped, and patched then painted the bedroom in the flat. Some more progress on renovating my flat. I like hands on work, it really gives me an insight of what my poor clients have to go through when I bring a team of guys into their lives, turn everything upside down, go through hell but come out this side of heaven to a new room, clean, freshly painted, new floor, ready to bring in their treasures and make it beautiful.

Here is some more progress so far:

I like to have floors as light as possible, it is a big light reflector. Lighter floors will always make a space feel bigger, lighter and more spacious. Still much to do, the woodwork, hang curtains, pictures, shelves..... but a big sigh the heavy work was done for that room.


  1. Hey, I love seeing your progress as I am going through a similar thing. I noticed the conduit for the electrics. Did you have the problem of solid ceilings/floors so you can't run cabling through them? We had that and had to get false ceilings, I'd never heard of it before

    1. Hello Squirrel,

      Thanks for following and good to know you are experiencing this as well. The conduits, yes the walls and ceiling are concrete. The building is over 70 years old and in the initial stage I think it only had electric lights. Over the decades electrics were installed in conduits. I'm ok leaving them there, to channel through concrete to sink the wires, that is a horrible mess. They are discreet enough. I will check out your site and follow.

      All the best, Kelly